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Golf Tip of the Month


GOLF TIP of the Month

4 Keys to better ball striking

To win tournaments you have to be a solid iron player. A solid iron player can control distance, trajectory, direction and shape. Every major winner in my opinion has to be hitting the ball very solid that week. Find out more!


A solid address position begins with good posture, alignment and ball position. With the irons I like to see the shoulders more level at address. To achieve this position, stand a club in front of you and push downward with both palms on the butt end. This gets you more centered.


The more compact your backswing, the easier it is to hit solid irons. To eliminate wasted motion, pre-set your wrist hinge and then simply turn to the top. Feel this sensation when starting from your normal address position.


One crucial element for good iron play is to maintain a constant spine angle throughout the swing. This enables you to hit down at impact, correctly taking a divot after the ball. Many amateurs tend to rise up as they swing the club down in a mistaken attempt to help lift the ball into the air. *Lifting leads to poor contact such as fat or thin shots.
*To correct this tendency, swing to a finish position and then hold it for a moment. Then bring the club back down as if someone hit the rewind button. You should be able to get right back into your address position. That's maintaining your spine angle.


To achieve the correct pinching action -- where clubhead meets ball and then descends into the turf, producing that textbook feel and sound -- rehearse an exaggerated impact position at address.
Lean the shaft forward, with your hands well ahead of the clubhead (left). Make your normal swing, and try to re-create this feeling when you strike the ball. You can practice this very easily with an impact bag or against the couch.

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