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Golf Facts & FAQ's


Our Golf FAQs are designed to answer some of some of the most frequently asked questions from beginners and veteran golfers alike.

Beginners FAQ

Our Beginners FAQ addresses questions from golf newbies about such things as costs, etiquette, basic rules, dress codes and so on. The Golf Rules FAQ answers questions about sticky rules situations.

Golf Clubs FAQ

Moment of inertia, COR, center of gravity, gear effect ... what does it all mean? Check out the Golf Clubs FAQ.

Golf Shafts FAQ

Steel shaft or graphite shaft? How are shafts made? What qualities of shafts affect the shot? Find the answers to these questions and many more.

Golf Course FAQ

Questions about various aspects of golf courses, including things you'll run into while playing them, and do's and don'ts.

Golf History FAQ

The Golf History FAQ peers back in the past - sometimes the very remote past of the game.

Golf Handicap FAQ

How does the USGA Handicap System work? Our Golf Handicap FAQ offers answers to questions on that front.
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