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Issue 10


Multi-faceted American personality Will Rogers, also known as "Oklahoma's Favorite son" once said, "I guess there is nothing that will get your mind off everything like golf. I have never been depressed enough to take up the game, but they say you get so sore at yourself you forget to hate your enemies". Well really cannot comment on Mr. Roger’s decision of not taking up golf, but unarguably the passion for perfecting the game of golf is so predominant in every golfer that they can go to extremes to conquer the best golfing techniques.

PASH India, like always salutes this spirit of golfers from all over the world and strives to bring out the best golfing destinations from around the globe. In this month’s edition we take you to another scintillating international destination, Hungary. With the upcoming and one of the most awaited 22nd International Wine Festival in Buda Castle, Hungary, gear up for some exuberating trip to this wonderland and experience golfing on some of the most sought after courses of the world. Experience a whole new level of golfing fineness at Pannonia Golf and Country Club, which is said to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Hungary. This trip is sure to make your money and time worth and that would go down in your life's history as 6 days well spent.

And in the national section know more about the Maximum City, Mumbai. Mumbai known for its pulsating diversity and style has aspects which can excite any person visiting this city. A long romantic walk or an adventurous outing, the beaches or the Bollywood, the night life or the street food, and of course lots of shopping, Mumbai has it all. Explore golfing fun at the prestigious Bombay Presidency Golf Course, Mumbai which has the repute of being one of the oldest and the busiest golf courses in the country.

Humor yourself in the busy schedule, read about tips to better your game, know about many new places and let us make up your mind for your next golfing excursion. Choose our range of golf holiday packages at and we promise you an unforgettable experience.

Go Golfing!

Passionate about Golf
Team PASH India

One of the most famous political thinkers in history, Montesquieu once said, "Hungarians are well renowned for their love for freedom, their noble and generous hearts, and their heroic courage. Their hospitality is legendary". Welcome to Hungary, the country which boasts of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the country where ancient Roman ruins and Turkish stand together, a country with glorious and courageous war past.

Hungary is a country known for its diversity of culture, tradition and language which sets it apart from the rest of the world and makes it one of the most visited tourism destination. A country known for its relaxed café lifestyle, energetic music and endless cultural festivities, this landlocked country is a cultural haven with opulent architecture. A lifetime experience of visiting Hungary will let you taste the perfect cocktail of contemporary western extravagance and humble traditions.

Tom Wark, an American wine marketer and blogger and golfer once said "The wine lover organizes their understanding of wine in very similar ways by which the golf fanatic organizes their understanding of the game of golf". An age old combination of wine and golf is considered to be a match made in heaven, which has its deep roots in the hearts of many golfers around the world. Hungary celebrates this cocktail of extraordinary match by hosting one of the most sought-after wine festivals in the world. Come September 2013, and be ready to witness a cultural extravagance in the 22nd International Wine Festival in Buda Castle.

Hungary is known for its innate folk cultural essence, the world-renowned wine festivals, fragrant summer flower festivals and the largest fresh water Lake of Central Europe and well the internationally acclaimed spas! Hungary is one of the most awarded holiday destination too which goes on to show why is it holidayer’s dream destination. One of the most happening cities of Central Europe, Budapest offers a plethora of options that tourists can never have enough of. An extremely sprightly center, beautified parks, vintage wineries, carved rivers and acclaimed natural spas from where therapeutic minerals stream up, are some of the many things Budapest has to offer. After the intoxicating liveliness of Budapest, explore the serenity of Lake Balaton as a nature's gift to the humankind. Apart from famous water rides and activities, take a romantic walk on the Balatonfüred streets known for its 19th century charm, the hill top view from Tihany. Regions of Northern Hungary which is a natural treasure, the versatile Transdanubia which offers the highest number of tourism attractions, and the Puszta and Lake Tisza offers another definition of peace and tranquility with poetic endless horizons. A renaissance for your senses and your way of life, Hungary welcomes you with open arms to let you have an experience of a lifetime.

Not only there are innumerable famous places to visit, there are endless numbers of activities to entertain too. Due to its diversity of geographical and natural features, you can enjoy extreme sports, fishing, cycling, horse riding, hiking, hunting, camping and skiing, wine tasting and of course GOLF!

Hungary became acquainted with golf in the year 1909 and soon became one of the most favorite games for Hungarians. With numerous golf courses which entertain both professional and amateur golfers, it is a rare opportunity for those who love golf and will be spectating the most anticipated wine fiesta, the 22nd International Wine Festival in Buda Castle.
We make our way to Pannonia Golf & Country Club, situated at a 40 minutes’ drive from the city center of Budapest, the first sight of this golf course will fill a golfer’s heart with delight and excitement. Awarded as the best golf club by CEE and the B.I.D. International Quality award in
Gold Category for Customer Satisfaction, Quality, and Business Excellence, both in 2004, this golf course remains a hot favorite among every golfing aficionado. In the year 1845, this land was previously owned by the Habsburg family for their weekend retreat. A scenic alley bordered with 200 year old sycamore trees welcomes you to this green expanse which is helmed by golfers as one of the finest courses in the world.

Designed by famous Austrian architect Hands Georg Erhardt the Pannonia Golf & Country Club was inaugurated in the year 1997. This course was shaped by the renowned English construction company Southern Golf. Any golfer can easily observe the care undertaken by golf architect Erhardt and how brilliantly he has imparted his knowledge and experience to design and condition the greens and the fairways.

Apart from being one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world, this course offers various other facilities as a professional crèche service for weekends, a vast playground, and a lovely swimming pool where people can easily relax. The country club grounds are outstandingly manicured for the best in class standards. The Pannonia Golf & Country Club was created with architectural excellence, lively Hungarian culture to make it one of the most exceptional sports facilities on Hungarian land.

Mumbai formerly known as Bombay is the capital city of Maharashtra state. Mumbai is the largest and considered the most modern city of India, being the film capital, fashion capital and financial capital of the country. With more than 15 million people from various cultural, religious, economic and social backgrounds, Mumbai forms a mix of a kaleidoscope of lifestyle. From soaring skyscrapers to rambling slums, Mumbai is filled with colors of people from countless backgrounds. This city has something for everyone.

Mumbai is known for its hustle bustle, style, liveliness, and vigorous street life, an electric night life and an assortment of tourist attractions. Mumbai was basically a 19th century industrial colony during British rule settled in the banks of Arabian Sea. It was a cluster of seven different islands, and was a dory gift to King Charles II when he married Portuguese Princess Catherine de Braganza in 1661.A long time has passed by since then and Mumbai has grown into the Maximum City and as many call it a city that never sleeps. Such is the magic of Mumbai, there is life in its air. A city known for its valor, sparkle, cosmopolitan culture and a wonderful mix of modernity with Indian values and customs, Mumbai is a city of dreams for many.

Mumbai is filled with some extraordinary landmarks which has become tourism destinations from people all over the world. The Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Alibagh in Colaba are iconic and one of the most visited destinations in Mumbai. The Elephanta caves reflect the glorious past of architectural excellence, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formerly known as Victoria Terminus is another example of Gothic Revival architecture and Mughal architecture, both of these iconic structures

are a part of the World Heritage. Then there are beaches of Mumbai which gives it a very unique appeal. Chowpatti, Juhu Beach, Madh Island, Aksa Beach are some of the beaches which comes as a respite to those who look forward to spend some time just listening to the waves of the sea.

Not only there are numerous places to visit, Mumbai is also a shopper's heaven from high-street fashion houses, elite boutiques, ethnic markets, bargain buys, to street markets, this city has everything for every shoppers delight. And once in Mumbai, it's impossible to escape the vivacity without tasting its lip-smacking street food. The vada-pao, bhel-puri, pao bhaji, kababs and numerous food options will leave you asking for more. Mumbai is also known for its active participation and interest in sports, from Cricket, Hockey, to Golf. So, this month PASH India takes you to this dynamic city to experience golf in a whole new way!

The Bombay Presidency Golf Club also known as BPGC is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf courses in the country. The club was founded in the year 1927 and was redesigned by legendary Golfer and five-time winner of British Open

Championship, Peter Thompson. The redesigning of this club sky-rocketed the club’s image to international fame and became a quick favorite among golfers from every corner of the country and the world. This 18 hole par 70 course spread over a huge area of 90 acre is filled with challenges that would enthrall a golfer.

The narrow and tight fairways are challenging and its greens are considered to be the best in the country. The changing and shifting sea breeze can surprise even an extremely experienced golfer. It’s not too long and not too narrow course makes it a difficult course to triumph on.

In the year 2009, BPGC went through excessive redesigning. It is also one of the busiest courses in the country with large number of golfers looking forward to play here. One important feature of this course and what makes it so special is not only its excellently designed golf course but also an extraordinary club house which is filled with contemporary and state-of-the –art amenities such as a fully functional health club, gym, swimming pool, accommodation, restaurants and many more such facilities.

Int'l Featured Destination
Budapest, Hungary
Featured Golf Club
Pannonia Golf & Country Club
Featured Package
22nd International Wine Festival - Buda Castle; 07 days/ 06 nights/ 03 rounds
Domestic Featured Destination
Featured Golf Course
Bombay Presidency Golf Course
Featured Package
Golfing in the West; 07 days/ 06 nights/ 05 rounds
Golf to be an organized sport in Gujarat

Golf is all set to get the much-needed push in Gujarat that is being touted as the next big destination for the sport. The state will soon get its own golf association that will manage and represent the sport. The Indian Golf Union (IGU) has given go-ahead to start golf association in Gujarat that will represent the sport and also make efforts to get more golf courses in the state.

The council members of Indian Golf Union (IGU) that is the apex body of the sport in the country discussed the development of golf in Gujarat during their meet in the city on Sunday. Once the association is formed, funds will start flowing in the state for promoting the sport.

"There are seven to eight clubs in Gujarat and they will come together to form an association here. This will be the first formal golf association in the state and it will help to promote the sport in big way. Gujarat is the next big destination for golf and IGU will do everything necessary to promote the sport in the state," said Raian Irani, vice-president of IGU.

IGU is upbeat about golf development as the sport has been included in 2016 Olympics. "Once formed, the association will be given affiliation by IGU. The golf body will then hold talks with the state government for promoting the sport and also join hands with state Olympics body. The idea is to have more public courses where common people can play golf. We will urge the government to create driving ranges, which require very less land, in good numbers," said Irani.

Samarjitsinh Gaekwad, president of Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club (GBGC) and IGU council member, said that the state will start getting funds from IGU after the association is formed formally. "Once the association is formed, every golf club in the state will be treated like a district. The Gujarat golf association will come under IGU's west zone that comprises Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. We will start getting funds and several golf tournaments and programs will be held in the state through this association," Gaekwad added.
Source: TOI

Golf Humor

Watching from the Club house overlooking the 10 green, we saw a foursome approaching. Having marked their balls, suddenly one of the guys fell down and the three others started a fist fight.

The Golf Captain stormed out from the Club house to separate the fighting men.

"Why are you fighting?" he asked "You see," said one of them, "my partner had a stroke and died just now, and these buggers want to include it on the scorecard."

Golf Tip

Before You Swing; Your Feet Can Fool You – By Greg Norman

One of the most common mistakes I see among my pro-am partners is over attention to the alignment of the feet. They take great pains to set their feet properly while neglecting the position of their hips and shoulders. The fact is, it's easy to look and feel square to the ball while in reality being in a markedly closed or open position.
Often, the player initially sets his hips and shoulders just as accurately as his feet, but in the process of waggling and getting comfortable over the ball, he twists his body out of the square position, usually into a more open alignment.

So don't be fooled by your feet. Ask one of your friends to take a critical look at your address position, and if you're out of alignment, tell him to turn your shoulders until you're where you ought to be.

Alternatively, take a club, set it across the front of your shoulders, and see where it points. If it's off, realign yourself until the club point’s parallel to the line connecting your toes. Chances are, this new alignment will feel uncomfortable, but it will be the beginning of straighter, more consistent shots.
It was a pleasure to be a part of this tour. Would like to congratulate you for handling such a tournament so well. Would like to be a part of other tournaments organized by you in future also...
5* Summer Golf in Bulgaria
Location: Sofia & Varna, Bulgaria
Tour Duration: 7 days/ 6 nights / 04 rounds
Valid Till: 1st September 2013
PRICE PER GOLFER: Twin Sharing - Euro 819/ person; Single accommodation - Euro 920/ person

- Meeting and greeting service and assistance from Local representative during the stay
- 2 nights with breakfast in Sofia in the centrally located ARENA DI SERDICA RESIDENCE HOTEL 5* in a classic room
- 4 nights with breakfast in Varna area in Lighthouse Hotel & SPA 5* in a sea view room
- 1 round of golf in Sofia: choice between 2 golf courses St. Sofia Golf, Paul McGinley design or Pravets Golf, Peter Harradine design
- 3 rounds of golf in Varna Area - Cape Kaliakra:
• Lighthouse Golf - the green fee includes pull trolley + 20 balls
• BlackseaRama Golf: the green fee includes pull trolley + unlimited balls
• Thracian Cliffs Golf: the green fees includes shared golf Cart + unlimited balls
- All return airport (Sofia and Varna) and golf transfers
- Mineral water during the transfers and at the golf courses / 500 ml bottles
*valid till 30th September 2013
*Terms & conditions apply

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