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Golf is fast evolving from being mere the game of the elite to a game that is played by passionate golf enthusiast from all walks of life. Swing India newsletter in this issue presents a live illustration through the recently developed CIAL Golf & Country Club in the Indian state of Kerala, which is popularly known as the God’s Own Country. 

Our golf enthusiast will like to play at this futuristic world class ecofriendly all weather championship course built by Cochin International Airport Limited. This golf course becomes one very important reason to visit Kochi, formerly known as Cochin. The experience of golfing will be coupled with the magic of Kerala, its people, its rich topography and its amazing culinary diversity.

The Cherokee Valley Golf Club, which is one among the top five rated course in Mississippi, is our second pick in this issue. Another golf haven is the state of Mississippi in Southern part of the United States of America. This tour will be a very enriching experience as a game of golf would be enhanced by the cultural richness and music of the region.

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Team PASH India
A golf haven with over 170 courses, the state of Mississippi in Southern part of the United States of America boasts of year-round ideal golfing conditions. Each of its five distinct regions has world class golf courses with distinct geographic character. They are designed by world famous names like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Jerry Pate and Tom Fazio to offer a unique and memorable golfing experiences.

Mississippi has a depth of cultural richness that few regions can rival. Known as the Birthplace of America’s Music, Mississippi has literally shaped the course of modern music with its contributions to blues, jazz, rock, country and gospel. In fact, Mississippi Blues Trail and Country Music Trail markers are placed at key sites around the state to honor musicians and give visitors insight into the state's diverse musical heritage.

A discerning golf enthusiast here is also advised to indulge in equally rewarding time off the course, enjoying an abundance of art, cultural and historic sites, as well as music, entertainment. Also in abundance here are multi-cuisine restaurants serving world-famous, authentic Southern cuisine that include savory barbecue, fresh seafood and French-Cajun delicacies among others.
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Cherokee Valley is a spectacular Blue Ridge Mountain golf mecca that attracts players from all over the world. With a mild, four season climate, it is the best place to enjoy a comfortable golf day.
The course is an 18 hole, 6586 yard par 72, dye designed championship course and a masterpiece to play. Great courses are often defined by the quality of their greens and the Champion Bermuda greens at Cherokee Valley are among the best that one can find. With a gorgeous waterfall as a signature 5th hole and magnificent Blue Ridge Mountain views providing a vivid backdrop. The dramatic elevation changes and impeccable conditions make Cherokee Valley a must play destination.

To make golfing a more comfortable experience, Cherokee Valley offers a host of important features and amenities that include a private club with a luxurious, resort-like atmosphere and committed staff that offers the highest levels of service. The Clubhouse offers both a large main dining area and a smaller room for more intimate affairs. Holiday dinners, theme nights, and other social events are held regularly in the Clubhouse for members and guests to enjoy.

Dick Grout, PGA is the teaching professional here and a great resource. He has authored Jack Grout, A Legacy in Golf. It is a book that shares a personalised account of his legendary father’s life on and off the golf course. All golfers must make it point to learn a few tips from this interesting book.

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CIAL Golf & Country Club makes Cochin an international golf attraction 

Golf was introduced in Cochin as early as 1922. The three main golf courses are the Cochin Golf 

Club, The Naval Golf Club and the CIAL Golf & Country Club. Being the trade and business hub of Kerala, the interest in golf has grown over the years. More and more locals are taking to the sport seriously and it has grown in importance as a serious pastime. 

The CIAL Golf and Country Club (CGCC) at Cochin commenced operations in August 2010 with 9 Holes, driving range, practice green, Croquet, Lawn Bowls and a swimming pool. An all-weather championship 18 hole course playing 7400 yards, CGCC is designed to give an enjoyable golfing experience to beginners, regulars and champions. The Club house has a restaurant, card room, board room, party area, pro shop, and a locker room.

As an eco-friendly all weather golf course CGCC is comparable to the best with Bermuda TifDwarf on the greens and Bermuda 419 on the tees and fairways. It is the first course in the country to offer an Island green on the 18th Hole for a very exciting and challenging round of Golf. It has five large lakes covering sixty seven thousand square meters to adorn the landscape and mountains of the Western Ghats.

The adapted design philosophy of the course reflects the focus on risk and reward in the game, while displaying best use of latest technologies in the international golfing industry.

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Mississippi, USA
Featured Golf Club
Cherokee Valley Golf Club
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Two center Golf and Blues Music Vacation in Mississippi - Tunica, Mississippi, USA
Featured Golf Club
CIAL Golf & Country Club, Cochin
Golf’s 2020 Vision: The HSBC Report

The trends which will shape the future of golf are the same trends that are shaping the future of the planet: the shift towards Asia, the increasing feminisation of the public world, urbanisation, the spread of digital technology, and resource and sustainability pressures. What is striking is the way in which golf—one of the world’s oldest sports—is adapting to these new challenges.

The professional game is already dominated by younger, fitter players. A boom in the number of children playing the sport in China and India means that the next generation will increasingly be from Asia: players like Shanshan Feng and Andy Zhang are a sign of things to come. One reason for the game’s popularity in Asia is that Asian consumers are turning to leisure activities as they get richer; in China alone the number of golf courses has tripled in less than a decade. At the same time, enthusiasm for golf is high in China and India (higher than in core golf markets such as the US and the UK), which also suggests that golf’s growth there will be sustained.

Source: HSBC Golf Business Community
Golf Humor
Golf got its name because all of the other four letter words were taken./ Many a golfer prefers a golf cart to a caddy because it cannot count, criticize or laugh.

Golf Tip
Part I: Before You Swing
Lesson #8: The Root Of Many Evils

Invariably, when I find myself hitting a lot of bad shots, the root cause is ball position. Let's say I've had a day when I've pushed a lot of shots to the right. Usually, that means I've let the ball slip too far back in my stance, with the result that my hips and shoulders have rotated a few degrees closed at address. This causes me to hit into the ball slightly more from the inside than usual, resulting in shots that launch to the right of my target.

After a day like that, the first item on my agenda on the practice tee will be to check my ball position. I'll begin by over-compensating - playing the ball way forward, up off my left toe. This will open my stance and cause me to hit the ball from outside to in, producing a bunch of pulled shots and slices. Gradually, I'll move the ball back in my stance, perhaps a half ball back at a time, until the pulls and slices stop and I get a series of straight shots.

If you're serious about playing good golf consistently, I recommend that you consider this type of post-round diagnosis and practice-tee cure, with ball position as your first priority. Once you find the position you like, take careful note of it and make it the first thing you check at address when you play your next round.
Arif… 110% What an amazing young man who was so dedicated to giving us the best Indian experience. I sat with him several times in the bus .He was knowledgeable, attentive, well spoken, answered all my questions and was generally outstanding.

Location: Tunica
Tour Duration: 
06 Days/ 05 Nights/ 
4 Round of Golf
Package Cost: USD 1149/-
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