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TAJ Mahal Trophy

  Pash India Passionate about Golf  
  Wishing you all a very very Joyous New Year 2013. As we bid goodbyes to an eventful 2012, we hope to make the new year even more eventful, with an endeavour to make Your Holidays, Our Passion!!
  Fringed by the sea, with a landscape that is spectacularly varied, a golf break in Ireland is one you'll never forget. Stunning links and parkland golf courses sweep across mountains and skirt seas, each one different from the next. The Ballybunion Links is a golfing treasure of Ireland for you to explore and experience. Read more about this in the Ireland Feature of this month.
  Make yourself feel like a king as when you swing in the Royal city of Rajasthan – Jaipur. The city's colorful culture and immaculate royal hospitality will surly bedazzle you. The Rambagh Golf club is a sure essence of that.
  PASH India was the Travel Partner of the recently concluded 'Touché Golf League 2012' in Thailand. You can also be a part of another interesting event organized by us in 2013. Read more about it in News & Events.

Also choose from the many interesting offers and packages featured in this issue to plan you golf holiday.

Team PASH India
Passionate about Golf
  Featured Destination – Ireland, UK
  With over 300 golf courses, is it any wonder that Ireland is green? World renowned courses dot the map but it is also the informal and friendly manner in which the game is played, that makes Irish golf a special experience.

In Ireland, nature has provided wonderful raw materials for the greatest golf architects in the world. They have responded to this inspiration by designing some of the world's finest golfing challenges and establishing Ireland as a prestigious golfing destination. Not only are the courses themselves both spectacular and challenging, the stunning scenery which surrounds them is positively breathtaking.

Much has been written about Golf in Ireland, however no matter what you read; nothing can prepare you for the experience itself. Ireland boasts 40% of the worlds "Links" Golf Courses, the term "Links" coming from the Latin world hlincus (the land that links the arable land to the sea).

A golf break in Ireland is guaranteed to be an absolutely unforgettable experience. There is no doubt that the country is littered with some of the world's most fantastic golf courses, offering some of the purest golfing experiences, but the landscape is also adorned with many top resorts and hotels.

Visiting the K Club's Ryder Cup complex, and the incredible resorts at Carton House and Citywest, not only will you experience the phenomenal courses, you will also understand Ireland's reputation for its warm welcome and legendary hospitality. While the golfers battle the famous Irish elements, fellow travellers can enjoy the first class leisure and spa facilities that the best golf break destinations ensure.

Add to this the superb nightlife and numerous points of cultural and historical interest make Ireland interesting for all, and without doubt, the Irish golf break experience is truly magnificent.
  Featured Golf Club Ballybunion – Old Course, Ireland
Ballybunion   "If sheer pleasure is the yardstick, then Ballybunion's Old Course gets my vote as the No. 1 in the world." So said Peter Dobereiner, the famous English golf writer.
Dobereiner was doing no more than reflecting the views of the locals who somehow knew through all of their struggles for survival since the day the club was founded way back in 1893 that Ballybunion Links Golf in Ireland was an unknown treasure waiting for the outside world to come and discover it.

Although, it did not happen internationally until the late 1960s, there were hints. Notably in 1936 when the English architect, Tom Simpson, was hired to prepare the course for the Irish Amateur Close Championship one year later.

The eccentric, Simpson always arrived for work accompanied by his glamorous wife, Molly Gourlay, in a chauffeur-driven, silver Rolls Royce wielding a riding crop and dressed in a flowing cloak and beret. The Simpsons picnicked on the course from the contents of a giant Fortnum & Mason's wicker baskets while the white-gloved, chauffeur polished the Rolls.

By any standards, it was such unconventional behavior accompanied by a haughty personality that it militated against Simpson being regarded as a hero of classical golf architecture alongside Harry S. Colt and Dr. Alister Mackenzie. Nevertheless, Simpson's legacy is formidable and none more so than at Ballybunion Golf Club which he declared had, "terrain that surpasses any course we know for beauty, not excepting Pine Valley."

Simpson made minimal changes; confining his input to what he called "finishing touches.' Perhaps, his greatest 'gift' to posterity was realizing that the links, like The Old Course at St. Andrew's, did not require 'much correction' and that nature herself could not be surpassed. That's the essence of Ballybunion. It is elemental, natural golf amid dunes beside the ocean where all of the battles are God-made challenges with nature.
  Featured Package Ireland, U.K
South West Ireland, U.K Location: South West Ireland, U.K
Tour Duration: 7 Nights/8 Days/ 7 Rounds
  Featured Destination – Jaipur, Rajasthan
  For centuries extravagant recreation was the hallmark and privilege of the Royalty and the Rulers, and the historic city of Jaipur was no different, this famous city is the capital of Rajasthan and has earned universal renown as the "Pink City ", and pink it is, with beautifully constructed palaces, havelis and forts. A strong wall encircles the old city and even today has a suggestion of formidable strength; its function of protecting all within is obvious.

Jaipur is a Golfing city too with its historical, Rambagh Golf Club a challenging, 18-Hole, PAR 70 championship course. The Course is strategically designed on a sandy loam soil.

A number of golf courses lie around the city of Jaipur and are suitable for keen golfers visiting the Rajasthan area of India. Within the environs of the city itself, the Jaipur Golf Club or Rambagh Golf Club is especially popular as it offers superb views over both the Nahargarh Fort and also the Moti Doongri Palace.

The Jaipur Golf Club is actually part of the beautiful Rambagh Palace Hotel, where the former maharaja once lived, enjoying an especially scenic setting, being often known as the 'Rambagh Golf Club'.
  Featured Golf Course – Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur
Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur   Rambagh Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious of Golf Clubs in India which is affiliated to the Indian Golf Union.

The history of the Rambagh Golf Club dates back to October 1944 when Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur who is also the founder & lifelong captain of the club, upon her return from Gulmarg in October 1944 from a holiday where she got keen on playing golf requested the permission of the late king to lay a course on the Rambagh Palace grounds for which he readily agreed. With the help of seasoned golfers an interesting course was laid out.

The Fairways were rough & full of burrs that would stick to player's shoes & socks, the browns were true & good. As remembered by Rajmata sahab there were four regular foursomes & a couple of twosomes to start with but as time passed more & more people wanted to learn to play golf and so Mr. H. Duckworth, a professional from Calcutta, was invited to coach them.

Today Rambagh Golf Club is an 18 Hole challenging championship course with Par 70 Yardage-6303 (SSS 70). The Golf Course is playable all-round the year and due to its central location is reachable within 15 minutes even from the Jaipur International Air Port. It is strategically located close to the Ambedkar circle & is a picturesque course. A game of golf here will transport you into the bygone days as you catch glimpses of the Rambagh Palace Hotel, The Moti Doongari & Nahargarh Forts & the Birla Planetarium.

*Fact: Rambagh Golf Club was the venue of the 10th SAARC Golf Championship oragnised by PASH India.
  Featured Package Jaipur, Rajasthan
  Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Tour Duration: 2 Nights/ 3 Days/ 2 Rounds
  Jaipur, Rajasthan
  International Featured Destination  
      – Ireland, UK  
  Featured Golf Club  
      – Ballybunion – Old, Ireland  
  Featured Package  
      – Location - South West Ireland, U.K;
      Tour Duration - 7 Nights/8 Days/ 7
  Domestic Featured Destination  
      – Jaipur, Rajasthan  
  Featured Golf Course  
      – Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur  
  Featured Package  
      – Location – Jaipur, Rajasthan; Tour
      Duration – 2 Nights/ 3 Days/ 2
  News & Events  
  Golf Potpourri  
  Trip of the Month  
  A Perfect Win... Touché the Bandits!!  
  A Perfect Win… Touché the Bandits!!  
  The bandits lived up to their name and stole the show, after 3 months of battle between 1600 players from 6 cities in India. December 14th was the big battle day for the Hyderabadi bandits and the Kolkata Avengers to face off in the Gladiator Round (Finals ) of the' Touché Golf league 2012' at Bangkok, Thailand. The Bandits fought hard to clinch the title of Touché Golf League 2012 at the Lotus Valley Golf Resort in Bangkok. They won five out of eight matches from Kolkata's The Avengers gang in match play format in the Gladiator round of TGL.

Shashidhar Reddy and Ashwani Kumar Reddy were the top line golfers of the winning gang who won all four matches against their opponents Sunny C. Uthup and Siddharth Rai of The Avengers. Sridhar Reddy of The Bandits was 3 up against Aditya Khaitan of The Avengers while former India cricketer Venkatpathy Raju from Hyderabad also added 3 points to the total tally after winning against Sanjeev Sood.

After a keen tusssle between the Bandit's Rajeev Pandey and Avengers' Pratul S. Rawat, Pandey closed the round by staying 2 up. Former Asian Games gold medalist Lakshman Singh of Avengers was the only one who lived upto his gang's expectations by winning all four matches from Bandits B. Chandrashekar.

Contact us to know more about this event and many such events in India.
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  Be a part of a golf championship dedicated to the eternal symbol of love that stands synonymous to Incredible India – the 'Taj Mahal'.

This Pro – AM tournament has a global reach, with golf tour operators around the world promoting this event. Over the year this Pro-Am event has gained immense popularity. It was introduced to the French market in 2008. Last tournament took place in April 2011 and was won by Mr. Jean Pierre Bertschiwho was also fortunate to get a Hole-in- One.

The Next Tournament will be held in March 2013 and will have a participation of about 50 golfers from around the globe. Contact us at for more details on this event or visit our website:
  Read More >>  
  Golf Humor  
  The bride came down the aisle and when she reached the altar the groom was standing there with his golf bag and clubs at his side.  
  She said: "What are your golf clubs doing here"  
  He looked her right in the eye and said, "This isn't going to take all day, is it"  
  Golf Tip  
  Even with years of practice, golfers still hit bad shots and have bad rounds. People who are paid to hit the ball perfectly still make errors. The key is overcoming the bad shots and recovering with good shots to save your score. Thinking positively can go a long way toward helping your score and improving your shot. Think one shot at a time and do not let a few bad shots reduce your confidence.  
  Step 1  
  Approach the round with a positive attitude. Clear your head of any poor golf rounds in the past. You are going to have fun playing a game outdoors where you will spend time with friends, meet new people or get an opportunity to think by yourself. This round of golf will be practice to help you improve your game. Instead of focusing on negatives or how difficult golf has been in the past, think about how much fun you will have and how much you like the game.  
  Step 2  
  Envision the shot you want to hit before you swing. Don't pay attention to the narrow fairway, the water hazard of the sand trap. Instead think about swinging the perfect swing and imagine watching the ball loft into the air and then fall perfectly in the center of the fairway or on the green. Thinking about where you want to hit the ball, not where you don't want to hit it.  
  Step 3  
  Refrain from being overaggressive on your shots. Take each shot slowly and reduce the amount of power you swing with. This may cause your shot to go a little bit shorter, but it will be more accurate, setting you up for an easier second shot.  
  Step 4  
  Avoid discouragement. Everyone, even the top-ranked players in the world, hit horrible shots. Golf is a difficult game that challenges anyone who plays. Do not be surprised if a few of your shots end up in the rough or in a hazard. Do not get discouraged; instead look at your next shot as a chance to redeem yourself. Adding pressure and disappointment while playing will result in more bad shots. The next great shot will more than make up for any bad shot.  
  Remain confident, no matter the result of the previous shot.  
  Do not take your aggressions out on your golf clubs or your friends.  
  Golf Therapy  
  As you begin to turn your torso, focus on lifting your arms up and around you complete your shoulder swing. As you approach the top, try stretching your leading side far around with a great arm extension that to creates the torque necessary for a powerful uncoiling into the ball. Although the early turn causes your swing to become unsynchronized, the slight pause at the top of the swing will allow your timing and synchronization to improve for contact.  
  It was a pleasure to be a part of this tour. Would like to congratulate you for handling such a tournament so well. Would like to be a part of other tournaments organized by you in future also...  
  Golfing in the Fairest Cape  
  They don't call it the Fairest Cape for nothing. From the southern suburbs you have breathtaking views of the sapphire Atlantic Ocean, the magnificent Table Mountain and Twelve Apostles standing guard over the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve playing across its foothills.

Moving further north, the luscious Wine lands call you softly to discover hidden treasures in her rolling vineyards and majestic mountain peaks.

For the golfers there is a wealth of classic courses from Stellenbosch to Paarl and Franschhoek, which are guaranteed to test your skills, give you great pleasure and leave indelible marks on your memory...

Location:Franschhoek & Cape Town, South Africa
Tour Duration: 7 Nights/ 8 Days/ 3 Rounds
Package starting at ZAR 23,980 per person sharing valid from 01st January – 31st March 2013
Meet and Assist Cape Town International Airport
Private Transfers as specified in the Itinerary
4 Nights stay at Le Quartier Francais in an Auberge Room on a bed and breakfast basis.
3 Night stay at Ellerman House in a Standard Room on a bed and breakfast basis
1 x Round of Golf, including golf cart at; Pearl Valley Golf Estate, De Zalze Golf Club and Steenberg Golf Club
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