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  Pash India Passionate about Golf  
  Live in luxury, Play in style and flaunt your golfing skills with the ultimate Luxury Golfing experiences by PASH India. Check our latest addition to the website 'Luxury Golf' that is prepping up to please your lavish taste buds.
  The Algarve region of Portugal is synonymous with golf. A pleasant year round climate, top quality courses, hotels and resorts that line the coastline and a destination that will fill all your travel desires – Algarve is the answer to all of them. Situated on the banks of the River Hoogly and the erstwhile capital of British India, Kolkata is the ‘home of golf in India’ . To know more about these destinations and golf courses in the region, read this month's edition.
  Join in for the 3rd year of the International Golf and Blues Experience in Biloxi, Mississippi. Enjoy great food, golf, and of course...Blues Music!!! With Chuck Jackson, Mark Stafford and many more ... the stage is set for another fantastic event, Read Trip of the month for more information!!!

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Passionate about Golf
Team PASH India
  Featured Destination – Algarve, Portugal
  Golf holidays in Portugal have long been at the forefront of golf in Europe, thanks to the top quality courses, hotels and resorts that line the Algarve coastline. The Algarve is synonymous with golf, and also benefits from a pleasant year round climate that is perfect for a golf holiday.

The Algarve, a mere two to three hour's flight from most European capitals, has been a magnet to many discerning golfers for almost three decades. It was the legendary Henry Cotton who put the Algarve on the golf globe. In the mid-sixties, at Penina, he designed the first proper grass course. After which during the 1970's, 80's and on into the first half of the 1990's, golf courses mushroomed all along Portugal's southern coast. Although none of the existing courses are more than 15km from the coast, the terrain varies from the steep hillsides of Parque da Floresta to the near sea-level flatlands of Vilamoura III and Salgados, which in common with Palmares, includes links holes.

Portugal's southernmost province is justly famous for its spectacular scenery along a fabulous coastline. The main golf season is from late autumn to late spring. Winters are mild and golfers from all over the world can enjoy warm, sunny days and keep their swings smooth at a time when their home courses are unplayable.

The mainly arid Algarve countryside, familiar to summer visitors, gives way to verdant oasis at each of the golf complexes thanks to large, state-funded water catchments and distribution schemes, as well as private boreholes which tap into subterranean water sources for irrigation. Holes made tricky by water hazards are, therefore, not an infrequent feature on the Algarve courses.

In general, you will find that the Algarve, with its mild climate, reasonably priced restaurants, breathtaking scenery, friendly people and excellent golf courses, all combine to make it a memorable holiday.
  Featured Golf Club San Lorenzo – Golf Club, Algarve
San Lorenzo   San Lorenzo Golf Course was designed by the American architect Joseph Lee and is one of the most demanding and remarkable courses in the Algarve. It is set amid the Ria Formosa nature reserve, which is teeming with protected wildlife and provides a backdrop of lush vegetation and breath-taking Atlantic Ocean views.
Located in Quinta do Logo, San Lorenzo Golf Course has become the showpiece of the Algarve, with its superbly manicured fairways maintained by the green keeper's policy of preparing it as if for a new tournament each and every day.It was opened in 1988 and remains etched in the memory of all who play it. The course is a combination of natural beauty, pristine presentation and hole after hole of challenging golf. Having received countless awards, the San Lorenzo Golf Course is considered one of the best golf courses, not only in Europe, but ranked worldwide.

While much of the San Lorenzo Golf Course meanders through typical pine woods, it also opens to magnificent ocean vistas and distant mountain backdrops. A good part of the San Lorenzo Golf Course is virtually an extension of the nature reserve of the Ria Formosa Estuary with fairways that run alongside saltwater marshes and freshwater lagoons. This protected environment is the habitat of over 70 bird species, including herons, hoopoes, white storks, coots, black-winged stilts and the rare purple gallinule.

If the first holes present no major surprise or challenges, after the 3rd, closer to the estuary, San Lorenzo starts to reveal itself. After the 5th hole, a par-3 and the course's shortest, you're introduced to a dogleg, stroke 1 sixth hole where your main challenge will be to avoid the dense shrub, so make sure you get your distances just right. As you get to the 7th, life is by no chance made easier but you still get the bonus of the outstanding views from this elevated tee before you have to focus on how to get around that green almost entirely surrounded by water.

On the back nine, the 12this the most challenging hole on San Lorenzo, featuring a deep chasm along the left of a very narrow fairway. Holes 13th to 16th also face the ocean with the latter proving to be the most demanding par-3, featuring a whole 180 m carry to a shallow green. Seventeenth is, again, extremely beautiful but still falls short of the beauty that awaits you on the last hole. It is a great finale and one that will remain in your memory as it has an excellence that is renowned worldwide. It is, without a doubt, a course for special occasions that will provide you with unforgettably beautiful moments.
  Featured Package Algarve, Portugal
Dona Filipa Hotel Dona Filipa Hotel – 5* Golf & Beach Hotel in the Algarve
Location: Algarve, Portugal
Tour Duration: 8 Days/ 7 Nights/ 5 Rounds
  Featured Destination – Kolkata, West Bengal
  Bengal has long been considered the country's cultural heartland, famous for its eminent writers, poets, artists, spiritualists and revolutionaries. Guests are left marveling at the hidden treasures and unique history the city has to offer. It was not till 1690 that Job Charnok, an agent of the East India Company chose Calcutta as a place for a British trade settlement. Calcutta had become the capital of British India, and the British influence is very much visible in the city's dramatic colonial architecture. But that is not all; the British influence also gifted the city with its first golf course in India and the first outside the British Isles in 1829, making it the home of Golf in India.

For this was not all, the city also has the countr's only ladies' golf club, which perhaps is the only golf club in the world, which running entirely by the ladies for the ladies and of the ladies. The club has produced several top players over the years; this club has done much to foster the development of ladies golf in the city. So much so, whether its men or women, the city's long history with golf is visible in the passionate eyes of golfers of Calcutta.

While the city's name was always pronounced "Kolkata" in the local Bengali language, its official English name was changed from "Calcutta" to "Kolkata" in 2001, reflecting the Bengali pronunciation. Some view this as a move to erase the legacy of British rule.

Kolkata is a situated on the banks of the river Hoogly and the city is a spectrum of various enchanting colors. Walk through 200 years of colonial history through Dalhousie Square with its magnificent buildings or explore the grand Victoria Memorial - a tribute to a British Empress and an endeavor to outdo the Mughals. You can cruise upstream the Hoogly on a luxury river boat; sample its unique cuisine specially the Hilsa fish cooked in a signature "mustard" flavor, sandesh and rashgullas for the indulgent sweet tooth and join the city as it celebrates Durga Puja. Come explore the spirit of "Oh Calcutta"!
  Featured Golf Club – Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata
Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata   India was the first country outside of Great Britain to take up the game of golf. The Royal Calcutta Golf Club, established in 1829, is the oldest golf club in India, and the first outside Great Britain. With the growing influence of the British in the Indian empire, the eighteenth century saw a mushrooming of new golf clubs in India. Wherever land was available and grass grew, golf found a new home.

The founding of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club in 1829 was followed by the now defunct Royal Bombay. Golf Club in 1842 and the Bangalore Golf Club in 1876. The Shillong Golf Club incorporated a golf course in 1886. Golf had already been played in India for 59 years before the first major course was opened in the USA and Europe in 1888. By the end of the 19th century, India already had a dozen golf clubs.

King George V and Queen Mary conferred the title "Royal" to the Club to commemorate their visit to Calcutta in 1911. Apart from golf, it offers tennis courts and a fine swimming pool. The Club also maintains a Lawn Bowls Pavilion in the Kolkata Maidan. The most suitable time for play is October through March.

The club is currently undergoing a series of makeovers to bring it up to contemporary world standards and to make the course one of the best and most sought after in Asia. It is trying to restore its image of being the St Andrews of Asia.

Until the 1950's, golf clubs in India were affiliated to the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, which followed the rules of St. Andrews in Scotland. In December, 1955, a group of golfers got together to form the Indian Golf Union as the controlling body for the game. The Indian Golf Union is now affiliated to the World Amateur Golf Council, and has done a great deal to promote golfing in the country. In 1957, it started its first training camp at the Royal in Calcutta, where assistant professionals and caddies were brought from all over the country and trained to teach golf.
  Featured Package East India Golf Tour – Kolkata, India
  Location: Kolkata – Shillong – Dibrugarh, India
Tour Duration: 09 days/ 08 nights/ 05 rounds
  Jaipur, Rajasthan
  International Featured Destination  
      – Algarve, Portugal  
  Featured Golf Club  
      – San Lorenzo Golf Club, Algarve  
  Featured Package  
      – Dona Filipa Hotel – 5* Golf &
      Hotel – in the Algarve;
      8 Days/ 7 Nights/ 5
    – Rounds; Algarve, Portugal
  Domestic Featured Destination  
      – Kolkata, West Bengal  
  Featured Golf Course  
      – Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata  
  Featured Package  
      – Location – East India Golf Tour
    – Kolkata, India
      Duration – 09 days/ 08 nights/ 05
      Rounds; Kolkata – Shillong –
      Dibrugarh, India
  News & Events  
  Golf Potpourri  
  Trip of the Month  
  Amateur Team World Cup of Golf  
  15th – 18th April 2012  
  A Perfect Win… Touché the Bandits!!  
  A tournament in the golfing paradisso of Ireland that welcomes golfers from around the world is something to cherish for all your life. And to put this in the list of your golfing breaks, become a part of this very popular & successful amateur event held every year in Ireland & organized by Ian Whitty of Amateur World Cup of Golf events & Golfing Tours Ireland.

Over 4 days you play at some of the top 20 golf courses (Played on a mix of Parkland and Links courses) of Ireland that you will never forget;

Portmarnock Golf Club - 19 times Irish Open venue & One of World's Top 100 Golf courses.

Druids Glen - Known to many as the "Augusta of Europe" is famous for hosting the Irish Open on four occasions – along with the prestigious Seve Trophy".

Killeen Castle - Jack Nicklaus designed course. Host to the 2011 Solheim Cup.

The K Club Palmer course - 2006 Ryder Cup course, European Open 13 years in a row.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: 4 person team format. Maximum of 200 participants i.e. 50 teams.


Book now to avoid disappointment as event is limited to 200 golfers.
  Read More >>  
  Golf Humor  
  Watching from the Club house overlooking the 10 green, we saw a foursome approaching. Having marked their balls, suddenly one of the guys fell down and the three others started a fist fight.  
  The Golf Captain stormed out from the Club house to separate the fighting men.  
  "Why are you fighting?" he asked "You see," said one of them, "my partner had a stroke and died just now, and these buggers want to include it on the scorecard."  
  Golf Tip  
  The driver is without a doubt the longest club that you carry in your golf bag. (That 50-inch-putter doesn't count!) Because of its length, it's very easy to start the driver back incorrectly and, as a result, hit a ball off target.  
  When you address the ball, a V is formed by your arms as you hold the club. It is very important that the V formed by your arms swings back intact for the first yard of your take-away. The club head will remain slightly in front of your hands. At this point check to be sure that the right forearm is above the left forearm.  
  Many golfers tent to start the back swing with the hands in a jerky movement, rather than staying smooth by using the larger muscles of the upper arms and shoulders. Touring professionals focus on relaxing their arms and shoulders so that a smooth take-away is possible. Melt your arms and allow the swinging motion to happen effectively! So relax your arms, swing the V, and enjoy better contact as you use your driver. See you on the practice range soon!  
  Feedback of Mr. Peter Remedios on Touché Golf Thailand Challenge:  
  On a scale of 1 to 10:  
Value for Money 10
Transfers 10
Hotel 10
Location of Hotel 10
Distance to golf course 5
Quality of golf course 10
Timing for main round 5
Overall Experience 8
  I think if we increased one night stay in the package with a good golf course within one hour's drive at a cost of 25K INR, ...we have a winner  
  Best... Peter  
  Join in for the 3rd year of the International Golf and Blues Experience in Biloxi, Mississippi. Enjoy great food, golf, and of course...Blues Music!!! With Chuck Jackson, Mark Stafford and many more ... the stage is set for another fantastic event!!!

Tour Location:Biloxi, Mississippi
Tour Duration: April 14-20, 2013 or April 18-21, 2013
  Package Inclusions:  
6 nights of accommodation at the IP Casino
Welcome reception
Welcome package
4 rounds of golf at some of the best courses
Breakfast buffet each morning
4 Dinners with Blues Music
Free harmonica lessons
$995 per person based on double occupancy
$1460 per person based on single occupancy
$760 per person based on double occupancy
$1150 per person based on single occupancy
  *** 3 Nights/ 4 Days Package also available starting at $680 per person  
  Contact Us:  
  E-29, Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016.
Arif Ansari: +91 11 30905383, +91 9899499064; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:
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