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Strongly believing in our 3C Policy for enhancing fair travel practices, we keep on encouraging our contractors, clients and colleagues to act responsibly when it comes to aware traveling practices. We believe that –‘Tourism should not only bring smiles to our client’s faces, but it must enlighten lives of those framing such unique locations for us to explore’. Deeper understanding of the cultural scenario and emotional touch is what we bring to our approach while touching lives of people who come under our area of performance.

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India’s only DMC to have a dedicated CSR Foundation

Pash is India’s only Destination Management Company to have a dedicated CSR foundation, called Shaping Lives, to pursue not just our CSR goals, but also to create and facilitate bridges between diligently selected NGOs and the inbound clients willing to leave a memorable social and philanthropic footprint during their travels in India.

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3P structure

3P structure

As a renowned name in the golf travel sector, we strongly adhere to the 3P structure related to People, Planet, and Profit. Derived from our understanding of sustainability, we practice responsible tourism and hence incorporate Triple Bottom Line accounting into our basic business model. It helps in bringing positive changes in the social, financial and environmental scenarios which in turn leads to financial success in the long term.

Environmental welfare

Environmental welfare

We understand that nature and beautiful landscapes will never be the same if we don’t pick up broken pieces from the locales and didn’t take great care in offering services to our clients with environmental factors in consideration. By shaking hands with esteemed travel partners and hospitality arrangement providers, we ensure that all cultural, religious and local information is provided to our clients before they proceed for the tour. Likewise, aware clientele which believes in protecting environment is encouraged to reduce carbon footprints via discouraged use of plastic bottles and other non-biodegradable wastes on the beautiful vacation spots.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare

We strictly adhere to the internal guidelines and follow country’s legal mandate on issues related to animal welfare policies. Any contradictory partnerships and associations could be terminated at any time on our behalf. We have been actively involved with several NGO’s that provide shelter, food and care to stray animals. A great example of this is – ‘The Agra Bear Rescue Project’. The facility is becoming very famous for its active role as a rescue provider and rehabilitator to many dancing bears or sloth bears in the area.

Child Welfare

Child welfare

We at Pash India are determined to inculcate positive changes in lives of children and help them revive their lives with a fresh perspective. We are actively offering a helping hand in projects that are aimed to educate and empower young children and assist them in leading an independent life. Our clientele and esteemed partners also join hands with us in this noble task. We strongly adhere to the state level and national level laws and policies while dealing with child empowerment. We solely reserve all the rights to dissolve any conflicting associations with any partners or associations.

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