A royal wazwan feast in Kashmir

S.N.Rai Noida “At a wedding in Kashmir, I was introduced to the tradition of the wazwan feast, where four people sit around a large copper plate (tramis) and they are served an elaborate meal. It was the longest meal of my life and the most delicious!”

Kashmir is a delight for golfers even in the summer. Blessed by a greener atmosphere and the silent flowing waves of the Jhelum, this place is truly a heaven for travellers seeking refuge from the heat. The summer month in the valley doesn’t see a maximum temperature higher than 35 degrees, making it more than comfortable for long golf hours in the sunshine. Srinagar and Gulmarg have golf courses where golf travellers come for a holiday to enjoy their favourite game along with the taste of traditional dishes. After enjoying golf all thrugh the day, relax and unwind in the evening to cherish traditional Wazawan cuisine from a big plate called ‘trami’. The Wazawan is specific name given to the feast that’s prepared during marriages and other happy occasions in the Kashmir valley.

Known to have its origin since the 15th century, this delicacy came to the...

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