Good Morning Bengaluru!

Roopali Gupta Noida It was a great experience starting the day with fresh herbal tea and some warm up exercises in the tech city Bengaluru. Witnessing the sweet taste and preparation of traditional Prasadam is delectable. Roaming in the local Bengaluru market and bargaining for local items is also a new experience you must look forward to.

This will be an exciting experience for someone who has never been to this city before. You will start the day practicing initial exercises and performing some stretching under the guidance of our instructor. The ambience of the beautiful Bengaluru Park will add more charm to this morning ritual when scented flowers and bird’s symphonies will soothe your tired senses. After giving your busy mind a fresh start, consume some freshly made herbal drink and then follow us for a spicy and hot breakfast in some of the best eateries within this silicon city. Also, get a taste of other angle of Bengaluru by watching the washer man’s village. Ladies working hard on the dirty clothes and streets lined with clothes is a rare sight anywhere on the Indian map.

In the evening, visit a common home and see the preparation of sweet dish which is made to offer to deities. Tasting a...

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