Fort, Palaces & The City of Pearls

Meeta Kalra Noida Being a lover of perfume, I always was desperate to explore rich traditions related to it. Thanks to the expert session arranged by Pash India after the golf spree, it really was informative and interesting at the same time. Some pearly tales also came along to enlighten me.

If you are an avid lover of scent and pearls, you must not miss such an interesting journey. It takes you to the comforting suites of the royal Taj Falaknuma Palace where these stories are told with passion and a twinkle in the eyes. Once you have become comfortable after rejuvenating in the perfect royal ambience, get your eyes wide open and silently listen to the delighting tale of ‘Ittar’ or scent. Our guest expert will show you some unique varieties of this potion and will also invite you to try a few. Knowing the origin and the journey behind the laborious making of a refreshing ittar, you will soon start admiring its value even greater than before.

Another much valuable addition to this exclusive tour would be – a guest expert session taking you through the rich history of pearls and use of these shining wonders in the traditional Hyderabadi jewellery...

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