Join the Fun Ride and Cook along Hooghly River’s Waves

Kailash Bisht The wide Hooghly River is the perfect setting for enjoying a slow boat ride. I played my favourite music and prepared some easy snacks along the way and had a really great time enjoying myself. To make this occasion worth memorable, I even clicked some pictures and shot some videos.

Kolkata in itself is a rich cultural city where dawn and dusk seem more than philosophical. The sheer presence of life and fun in the air have bestowed this city its colonial nomenclature – ‘The city of Joy’. The sight of Howrah Bridge and the freely flowing waves of Hooghly River have inspired poets and filmmakers alike so much so that this place has been popular since decades ago. Another addition to this much talked about Hooghly experience is the pleasure of cooking exotic dishes while riding through simple boat on the river waters. Boats are easily available on the banks of river Hooghly from where anyone could board a nice boat required for some boating. The boats are generally loaded with essential ingredients and stuff required to prepare small meals on the go.

Nothing could beat the fun of enjoying a plate full of instantly cooked fish fired, noodles...

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Welcome on board!

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