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Incredible India

India defies description. The beautiful subcontinent is a magical menagerie of sorts. India is your getaway to all that is mystical, exotic, new, and different yet warm, inviting, and deeply reassuring. It’s where you will see and not simply look. Just when you think you have it figured, India has an uncanny way of reminding you differently. It is this unpredictability that makes demystifying India a constant exploration in which you slowly start to discover not just her many layers but yourself too. As you explore the many sacred sites and rituals you begin to realize and appreciate the country's long, colourful, and sometimes tumultuous, religious history. If food is your passion, India offers you one of the richest and certainly most interesting culinary trips of your travelling life. Fry, bake, boil, simmer, roast, sizzle your way across a deliciously diverse selection of dishes. And even then you would have only scratched the surface.

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