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Mesmerising Bhutan

The beauty of the Land of the Thunder Dragon or Bhutan can’t be put into words. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, this tiny hill country seems to have mastered time. It still lies cocooned in the comforts of the past, while embracing only the best of modernism and discarding the rest. Gross Domestic Produce takes a backseat to Gross National Happiness. Traditions are fiercely guarded and the claws of excessive commercialisation or so-called development are kept at bay. The dense jungles, gigantic mountain passes, verdant valleys, endearing little hamlets, rolling farmlands and rice-terraced hill slopes make the heart sing with joy. The landscape is punctuated by dzongs (fortresses), chortens (shrines) and other captivating bits of local architecture. Just one of the many such sights is the Tiger’s Nest – this white-washed monastery perilously clings to a rock face at a vertiginous height overlooking deep yawning valleys.

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