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Unforgettable Nepal

The landlocked Central Himalayan country of Nepal assails the senses with its myriad sights, sounds and scents. The towering Mt Everest and some of the other tallest mountains in the world offer countless unforgettable panoramic treats. Easy to see, why the ones who have an eye for nature and love the outdoors just can’t have enough of Nepal’s trekking and hiking trails. The winding streets with their colourful bazaars and shops seem to exude just a subtle hint of boho chic vibe – a throwback of sorts to the Hippy days! The country’s rich history and culture find reflection in the numerous old monasteries, temples and other fascinating landmarks making Nepal a much popular destination on the pilgrim trail. Yes, Nepal is truly the land of thousand temples. To put your finger on the local pulse, try to visit during one of the many cultural or religious events and festivals – there are more than 50 of them to take your pick from!

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